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Annie and Tony

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In April my beautiful friends Annie and Tony married outside Canberra. 

Annie commissioned me to make her gown, with a strong sense of her own style and colour preferences. We worked through a range of colour palettes and fabrics options before settling on a classic ballerina skirt and structured bodice onto which we could applique embroidered tulle. Annie's penchant for whipping up retro patterns in crisp spots or ginghams inspired me to follow this classic line and drape the tulle into a boatneck.

Their choice of "venue", her family farm outside Canberra, directed our colour palette and we layered four colours of tulle into the skirt and then overlaid the embroidered French tulle. 

I just adore the combination of huge skies and autumn landscapes that formed the backdrop to their special day, and the gown reflects these earthy tones, as well as Annie's beautiful honest character. 

Photography by Hilary Wardhaugh Photography